“If thou would have such a one, take me. And take me, take a solider. Take a soldier, take a king.” ~ Quote from Shakespeare’s Henry V

Requested by Anon

Take heart for when Albion’s need is greatest, Arthur will rise again

- How do you do that?
- I aim for the middle.

Nimue: Are you really a wizard?
Merlin: A hand wizard.

Anonymous asked:
"I'm really quite interested in becoming a mod but don't know if i'm quite the right person... my photoshop skills are quite basic... and i'm wondering what sort of commitment it will entail. i know merlin of course and have read loads of different version of the legend, my favourite being michael morpurgo's books on it so i'd just like to know a bit more because its something i'd really love to do and get involved in :) thanks :) :)"

HEY Anon!!

Firstly, thank you SO much for your interest in being a mod! In terms of commitment, I would ask that you be able to post/reblog things every other day! Or even just fill up the queue! It is very important to keep it active and of course I will be doing all that I can to help with this, but its SO much easier when there’s at least a couple people doing it ;)

Regarding photoshop skills, I’m honestly not TOO picky about that! Even if its just basic, thats fine! BUT I think for the blog, it would be beneficial to have someone who’s familiar with a few different versions so from what you told me, you would be a perfect fit! You don’t have to post graphics or anything if you don’t want to, but if you have a favorite book, maybe you could post some quotes or something, book recs, etc!!

Like I said, I’m really not too picky! The most important thing is that you enjoy the legends, and are able to post/reblog things about it ;)!!

If you’d like to chat more about this, feel free to send a fanmail to this account (so that we can discuss it privately ;)) OR you can contact me at my blog euphoria1001!! Hope to hear from you soon!! :D

If your men are truly the knights of legend, perhaps some will survive - if it is God’s will.

Merlin Meme; one quote [1/1]
A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other. They believed in equality in all things. And so it seems fitting that we revive this tradition now.